Real Estate

This is a privately owned property at the moment. It is ideal for 2-3 families with separate living spaces and there will be plenty of rooms for hobby or offices. It is already divided into a condominim, each with a large flat and beautiful surroundings


Our company is for sale as well, which has a special catering profile and a well established yearly income from letting of rooms and from an own food manufactory


170 000 000 HUF

Building and Estate

On a large estate near at Lake Balaton, the building consists of three subdomains

Profile, guest

Our guests choose us mainly because for our various and delicious catering.

The company

Pulifood Ltd was founded 2013 to run the guesthouse and our manufactory.

Technical support

If you'd like to invest or launch your own business, but don't want to start from the beginning, then you can take advantage of our experiences of many decades and network of partner.

Where to find?

Located on the northe side of Lake Balaton, at Gyenesdias, next to the main road 71. It is easy to approach during the whole year. There are many sights to see, events to visit and nature to enjoy.

Contact us

Contact us for further details of the company, our activities, profile, or the estate.

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